Everyhting Already Present

Kimberly Orjuela
Samuel Duquette
Sara Mericle
Cassi Camille
Elodie DubucBernard
Owen Herln

Our exhibition explored the possibilities of using local materials within our ceramic practices. The contemporary field of ceramics often relies on industrially manufactured materials, which are sourced from long distances, and produce great impacts on the environment. This project was conceived as a way to learn the processes involved in harvesting local materials to be used as clay bodies, surface treatments, and glazes. This exhibition will provide a space to encounter art produced with local materials, as well as empower others within the ceramics community to integrate sustainable methods of material production.

Art Mûr Gallery
Photos taken by Micheal Patten and Julie Ciot

Kimberly Orjuela

Email: Kimberlyorjuela@gmail.com
Instagram: @kimsfolkart