Tianguis de Cerámica Vol. 2 

Curator : Vanessa Maya Gutter
Artists: Kimberly Ojruela, Ava María Alarzon, Mel Arsenault, Maya Barrera, Cassi Camille, Kelly Davis, Diane Garcia Ramos, Vanessa Maya Gutter, William Mora, Claire Olwen, Cara de Planta, Rosita Relámpago, Mariana Sánchez Hoyos, Noémie Sylvestre, Omar Chávez, Carmine Tangliamonti, Rodrigo Treviño

In its second iteration, this ceramic showcase created and curated by Mexican ceramicist Vanessa Maya Gutter presents a diverse collection of works from a group of 20 local and international artists. This event amplifies a variety of techniques and approaches that celebrate the dynamic world of contemporary ceramics.

Tianguis de Cerámica encapsulates the lively ambiance of traditional open-art markets, or ‘tianguis’, which are a pivotal aspect of Mexico’s cultural and commercial life, providing art enthusiasts with an immersive opportuniy to explore the craftmenship of ceramic arts. With a wide range of aquisition cost, this curated selection caters to all attendees, from the seasoned collector to the first-time art buyer. 

Tap Arts Space Gallery
Photos taken by: Jean-Michael Seminaro

Kimberly Orjuela

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